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Lawyering on the Margins

Together Serving Marginalised Populations Across the World

The Lawyering on the Margins network has brought together lawyers serving marginalised populations from across the world since 2011. The network was originally set up as a platform for lawyers to share best practices, challenges and support.


The main objective of the network is to support and strengthen the LOTM network members


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The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

What is the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention? What are their roles? How can you submit a complaint to them? Check this infographic series to get to know more about the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention!

Understanding UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention's Methods of Work


To support LOTM members in providing urgent legal responses and addressing emerging opportunities and/or needs to uphold marginalised groups’ rights, LOTM is excited to launch the Small Grant Initiatives.

The Small Grant Initiatives application is open all year round and will be disbursed based on the availability of funding. The application will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis, enabling LOTM members to submit an application as soon as the need arises. Grants available shall be up to USD 5,000 per application.

Due to limited resources, the Small Grant Initiatives can only be accessed by LOTM members.

For more details, please see 


LOTM welcomes its Steering Committee for the 2021 period. The Steering
Committee consists of the following members:

Vanda Hamilton

Principal Lawyer, Amica Legal Service Australia

Henrique de Souza

Human Rights Lawyer - Brazil

Ajeng Larasati

Human Rights Lead, representing Harm Reduction International

Emmanuel Kamonyo

Human Rights Lawyer - Canada/Rwanda

Mary Catherine Alvarez

Executive Director, StreetLawPH Philippines

The Steering Committee will provide guidance for Harm Reduction International in coordinating the network, develop and review small grant initiative applications, and work in collaboration with HRI to develop LOTM plan for 2021.

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The LOTM members work with people living with HIV, people who use drugs, sex workers, LGBTIQ+ people, people in prison, and other marginalised groups. Legal services are the core work for a majority of the LOTM members, with complementary national/regional/international advocacy, campaigns, community mobilization, and strategic litigation. At the moment, we are prioritising new members from countries where we do not have a member at.

If you think you, or your organisation meets the criteria, please show your interest by sending your organisation’s profile and relevant social media links or website to:


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